General Insurance Made Simple & Easy

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General Insurance

Are you planning a weekend gateway with you family and tensed on security of your valuables like home, car, jewellery and other valuables even when you want to enjoy the exotic location and trip planned since long?

What if you lose all of it due to natural calamity, fire or let’s say theft? This is the situation of contemporary times where you might face unexpected losses anytime for which you were completely unaware.

Safety in such circumstances is the most valuable concern and you should always plan on avoiding it by hedging it against Insurance.

A General Insurance is an agreement between policyholder and insurer where the insurer pays a premium for covering risk on assets with interest and the insurer is bound to protect the insured from financial liability or loss in case of any mishap.

Almost everything in the world is insurable. You will be amazed by the facts of what all things are generally insured by people. Let’s dwell into one example for the same. Did you know Christiano Ronaldo, the famous Footballer has got his leg insuredfor a whopping £90 million back in 2009.

There are range of other General insurance which are bifurcated as Fire, Engineering, Marine and Miscellaneous Insurance.

Motor Insurance

Imagine you are driving your car and you are hit by taxi from the back. Your car now has a dent with bumper coming off as well with additional expenses of Rs 2000/- for the dent and Rs. 7500/- for the bumper.

A car insurance policy comes in handy in such situations. You can get the amount reimbursed and may even process a cashless claim, as per predefined conditions and options availed during policy procurement.

And that’s where we come in handy. We are there for you in case of any claim and would recommend best policy with conditions pre clarified so that you don’t have bear extra burden or go through a tedious process during your claim.

A Motor Insurance Policy is mandatory for driving legally in India. Motor Insurance generally covers two categories of policy:

1. Third Party Liability

A Third Party Policy covers for losses faced in a situation where your vehicle damages any third party, lets say vehicle of third party or any other public property.

2. Comprehensive Package Policy

A Comprehensive Package Policy covers both third party damages and liabilities caused to you and your vehicle. The loss may arise due to range of factors like accident, theft, fire, natural calamities, and others.

Also, there are range of Add-ons which can be included with this Policy with additional benefits:

  • Tyre Protection Cover
  • Zero Depreciation Cover
  • Engine Protection
  • Breakdown Assistance Cover
  • Consumables Cover
  • Key Protection Cover

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Travel Insurance

Travelling around the world is a thrilling experience with learning involved for different cultures, business opportunities and leisure time with family. However, things can go haywire no matter how precisely you plan your trip.

Most medical insurances doesn’t cover your medical expenses when you are travelling beyond the Indian boundaries. Also, some countries often require compulsory Travel Insurance for granting Visa. A medical coverage of atleast Euro 30,000 is compulsory to get Schengen Visa This is where Travel Insurance comes in to play and should be availed by Individuals who travel very often. The financial lability, if any, would be covered under Travel Insurance which includes medical or non-medical emergencies.

The duration of the travel that can be covered is maximum of 180 days. This can be availed for both one way or both way. The policy holder can take more than one trip a year.

This would cover:

  • Loss of Baggage
  • Loss of Passport
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Flight Delays or Cancellation (Including COVID-19 related interruptions and
  • Flight Delays or Cancellation (Including COVID-19 related interruptions and cancellations)
  • Accidental Deaths

Avail Travel Insurance to avoid any complexities and keeping yourself secure in land with unknown people.Get in touch with us today.

Marine Insurance

When it comes to supply chain, you know that the smallest oversight can sometimes manifest in to the biggest threat. These risks can damage your cargo from source to destination at any time, at any step of the journey.

Your cargo deserves nothing but the best insurance solution in the market. This voyage policy provides a haven for shipping and couriers companies as it protects potential costly losses when transporting goods by water. The growing risk of international piracy, collisions among merchant tankers due to human error and damage to cargo during loading and unloading is a common phenomenon in this industry. We would cover you with a Marine Insurance policy that will not only cover the most type of cargo from door to door with ease, but also include the processing part of Insurance which is often seen as quite complex. We provide a sought after insurance offering created to compensate for loss or damage to your cargo.

The majority of risks covered in Marine Insurance includes:

  • Loss or damage during end to end transportation, irrespective of transport supplier.
  • Fire
  • Lightening
  • Collision with or by the carrying vehicle

Get in touch with us to increase your confidence and achieve new growth targets by not only limiting yourself to local business opportunity and exploring international markets while we cushion you from range of risks at sea.

Home and Commercial Insurance

It’s natural that you want the best for your home, because home is where the heart is. However, unforeseen risks can come knocking at any time. Natural calamities like Uttarakhand flood, Amphan cyclone, Gujrat earthquake have come unannounced in the past few years. Just one incident can cause too much damage to your house and content. A home insurance is crucial safety in the face of risks and can be considered as a financial safety.

Insurance of property means insurance covering your buildings, stocks against Fire, Machinery Risk and Burglary Risks.

The most important considerations in Fire Insurance includes protection against any unforeseen contingencies. The different types of property that could be covered under a fire insurance policy includes offices, shops, offices, places of worships, hospitals; industrial/manufacturing risks and their contents such as machinery, plants, equipment and accessories; goods including raw material, material in process, semi-furnished, furnished goods, packing materials etc in factories, godowns and others as well. Apart from damages occurring due to fire, it also covers lightning, explosion/implosion, riot, storm, cyclone, subsidence and landslide, accidental leakage, bush fire, etc.

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