Life Insurance Made Simple & Easy

We at Being Sure IMF believes that everyone should enjoy and have access to financial wellness in the era of complicated process. We are on a mission to make that belief a reality.

Life Insurance

Life in unpredictable. We know everyone would do anything for the ones they love. A life insurance serves a legal binding contract among the policy holder and the insurer, for which insurer would pay beneficiary with a specific amount in exchange for a premium amount paid by policy holder periodically.

This provides benefit in terms of :

  • Providing security to your family
  • Ensuring that your family maintains their lifestyle in case of any contingencies
  • Protecting your home mortgage, loans, credit card borrowing, etc.
  • Providing finance to your loved ones for achieving their goals in your absence
  • Looking at other retirement saving/investment vehicles.

However, buying any policy is not at all a best strategy. You need to consider a range of factors like periodic premiums, insurance period, insurance cover required based on current income level, mode of purchase for choosing what is right for you. Selection of a perfect cover requires one to have extensive knowledge of the industry and expertise. And that’s where we come in to help and guide you by providing Personal Relationship Manager. We evaluate the need and offer clients with best insurance services by providing the right policy and ensure adequate financial resources for your loved ones in the case of death.